Health and Wellness Retreat hosted by "Be Fit For Life"

befitforlife logo"Be Fit For Life” is a personal fitness seminar designed to inspire and educate you on how to train effectively to reach your weight loss goals- get the health and wellness lifestyle you deserve. Our proven lifestyle fitness changing concept is proven, simple and practical. We are different; we do not endorse the fitness fads of crash diets or boot camps. Crash diets and boot camps offer brief non-lasting success because their philosophy is based on over working and starving yourself beyond your personally abilities. Your body simply rejects these sudden starvation changes and your personal determination fails before a crash diets or boot camps training can become a habit. Crash diets and boot camps fail because they are an unrealistic lifestyle change.

If you want a permanent change in your fitness, health and wellness lifestyle join us at “Be Fit For Life” event being held at "Hotel Troncones", Mexico. Our proven and simple solution incorporates a more relaxed version of training and eating right while giving you the knowledge you need to make the change permanent. We offer a variety of training courses for all adult ages, and almost any fitness level. We will inspire your fitness and wellness lifestyle to help you to achieve your desired weight and fitness level. Permanent changes for you to be comfortable and confident for years to come.

The health and wellness retreat includes: round trip airport transportation from Ixtapa-Zih. international airport, accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, 2 massages and 1 facial, a choice of any 1 of our excursions, seminars.